Your car at the best price in Europe: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, all French, Italian and Japanese brands.

Since always, the automotive passion drives us, let us share it.

Why buying abroad?
The German car market is very competitive and offers much lower prices than the French one. Moreover, the Germans take care of their cars and change them regularly: it's a question of mentality and standing.

German car or another brand?

The German market is the largest car market in Europe and you can find there the models of  German, French, Japanese or other brands. Vehicles from other countries will also allow you to save, as in Germany, up to 30%.

What about VAT?

Once the vehicle has more than 6 months and more than 6000 kms, the Treasury considers that the VAT has been paid in the country of origin and so you will not have to pay it in France.

How can we help in your choice?

The first step is to target your request. We establish a research of a different models of vehicles and we send you the offer wich is the closest to your request. We will send you pictures, video and any detailed statement of the car.

We will give our advice and guidance (best quality / price, resale,...). Once you make your choice, we negotiate, if possible, the vehicle price and finalize the sale.

Two solutions:

- We deliver the car at home and give you all the necessary details - registration is a formality.

- If you prefer to pick up the vehicle at the place in Germany (or in other country), we will organize your visit.